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The Cardio Nut.

September 24, 2015 | Melaina Juntti. Men’s Journal.

Back when we thought low-fat everything was the way to go, nuts were cast off as fatty calorie bombs best saved for occasional splurges like long road trips or Sundays at the ballpark. Boy, have times changed. Now we know that nuts actually have unsaturated (a.k.a "good") fat plus piles of other nutrients. We also know that they fill you up, and reams of research backs their many other health benefits. In fact, with all the stir surrounding the heart-healthy Paleo and Mediterranean diets, nuts, a key component of both meal plans, are having a heyday.

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How you might be contributing to California’s water woes.

September 24, 2015 | Philip Bump. April 8, 2015 The Washington Post.

In the wake of California Gov. Jerry Brown's decision to enact mandatory restrictions on the use of water given the state's ongoing, historic drought, people nationwide have become obsessed with almonds. Not in the sense that people are buying and eating lots of almonds, mind you. In the sense that suddenly everyone with even a tenuous connection to the Internet is an expert on the water usage of various agricultural products.

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Why Almond Growers aren’t the Water Enemy.

September 24, 2015 | Brad Gleason, March 25, 2015, Los Angeles Times Op-Ed

A quarter-century ago, when I first started farming the fertile ground of western Fresno County, my crop was cotton. I wasn't alone. Back then, the San Joaquin Valley had more than 1 million acres of white gold. Federal water cost me — hard to believe today — only $25 an acre-foot. And there was plenty of it. My neighbors and I irrigated inefficiently by sprinkler and furrow.

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