2.5 oz. Pistachio Kernels Roasted and Salted – NO SHELLS!

2.5 oz Pistachio Kernels Roasted and Salted
Item 1027
Servings per container: about 2.5

Nature’s Joy all-natural California Pistachios come straight from our growers to you. Our pistachios are sustainably and responsibly grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley for more than 20 years, sustainably and responsibly.


Nature’s Joy packs a USDA Grade US Extra #1 21-25 pistachio. The Nature’s Joy message is directed at today’s health-conscious consumer conveying a casual and active lifestyle, heart health and wellness. Our roasted and salted pistachios are an American Heart Association certified Heart-Healthy food. The AHA Heart-Check certification applies to those Nature’s Joy products on whose webpages the logo appears.

Units Per Case8 x 8
Unit Dimensions6.5 x 3 x 1
Case Dimensions15.625 x 11.625 x 6.5